“Crusher Joe: The Movie” Anime Review (Part 1/2)

Published on March 21, 2017

My thoughts on the 1983 anime “Crusher Joe: The Movie”, as the title would imply. As always, I do not own anything aside from the DVD- which is of little consequence in regards to this video- so please don’t sue me. =) I highly recommend picking up the now long out of print DVD if you can find it as it contains both “Crusher Joe” OVAs as well as “Crusher Joe: The Movie”, a great value. Enjoy the review and please rate and comment if you want! =D

P.S- If you are not familiar with “Crusher Joe”, please watch my reviews of the other anime OVAs “Crusher Joe: The Ice Prison” followed by “Crusher Joe: Ash- The Ultimate Weapon (in that order) before watching this one as I acquaint viewers with more background info and details on the generalities of the series in those videos. Thanks!


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